Our mission is to provide risk free logistics to Africa.

And also to form mutually beneficial, risk free, partnerships with all logistics role-players, which will allow us to deliver superior and innovative online logistics services and superb customer services. This ultimately increases the value of each registered member.

     We are fully committed to creating effective logistics solutions utilizing all possible sources, online and other forms of communication. We will actively seek targeted diverse businesses and provide them the opportunity to partner with us to provide risk free logistics to all.

Our rates are competitively priced, and the service to our clients is of a high standard.

Benefits for clients:

1. Risk Free Logistics will verify GIT on each truck and only insured vehicles are loaded onto the system. A load cannot be booked unless the GIT has been approved. The transporter will not be able to book a load if their GIT is under value or does not cover your product.

2. Clients will have brokers all over Africa that are sourcing new transporters to add to the system daily.

3. Risk of false information is minimized as information comes directly from the transporter through the system.

4. Level 1 BEE

5. Transporters have to prove ownership of trucks and are visited before approval. 

6. Tracking updated hourly.

7. GIT is verified each month on the 10th.

8. Risk Free Logistics carry their own contingency insurance to the value of R 750 000.



Benefits for brokers:

1. No risk of bad debt

2. Commissions not at risk as debtors are insured. 

3. Commissions paid out weekly on all funds received. 

4. You can work flexible hours to bring clients and transporters on board.

5. The system does most of the work for you allowing you more time to source new contracts or ad-hoc work. 

6. More satisfied clients as the transporters are pooled for benefit of all brokers/clients. 

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Benefits for transporters:

1. No risk of bad debt as debtor insurance covers non paying clients. 

2. Truckers will have brokers all over the country sourcing new clientele for them.

3. Quicker payments as payments are made weekly for all payments received. 

4. Approved clients put their loads onto the system so no risk of false loads or incorrect information. 

5. Truckers can communicate directly with clients through the system. 

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